We pay YOU for your old unwanted computer components!

We enjoy helping the environment and our community by providing e-waste recycling services. This electronics recycling service is available for residents and businesses in the Sioux Falls area. Almost all electronics contain environmentally harmful elements, such as lead and mercury, that need to be disposed of properly. This is taken into consideration, and we attempt to re-home items/equipment. If the item/equipment is no longer functional, we dispose of the different components within accordance with regulations upheld by the Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). The components that are able to be recycled, we put them back into circulation with our customers privacy as our top priority. Any storage device is wiped following Department of Defense standards to make the contents of the drive irretrievable. Indemnification of Risk documentation may be provided upon request if that is a concern for you or your business.

If you have a large amount of electronics to be recycled, we encourage you to contact us to discuss and setup transportation arrangements or to schedule an appointment. We have a new potential location coming soon! Until we open that location, we are only able to arrange a pick-up based service.

Help us improve the environment and our community! Get paid for your old unwanted computer components!

Please see the pricelist to see what we do and do not accept.

We Pickup Your e-recycling

We provide a pickup service for businesses, where we come to you. There are minimum load requirements.

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PC Scrappers LLC
We pay CASH for PC Scraps!
623 S. Lyons Ave. Suite 200
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605-271-2616 PC Scrappers LLC, We pay CASH for PC Scraps! We accept business & residential e-waste.
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